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The Young Person’s Guide To Becoming A Rock Star (Channel 4 1999)

Critically acclaimed in the UK the series format was picked up by Warner Brothers, who produced an 18-part series for the WB channel in the US. Series Originator/Executive Producer: Peter Broughan Writer: Bryan Elsley Starring: Ciaran McMenamin, Simone Lahbib, Nicola Stapleton, Stephen McCole, Gerard Butler, Keith Allen PRESS “Assured, witty and hip” – The Times [...]

Riverman (Yorkshire TV 1993)

Documentary profile of sculptor and teacher George Parsonage.  Working like his father before him for the Glasgow Humane Society, and living right by the river in Glasgow Green, he has devoted his life to rescuing people and recovering bodies from the Clyde. Originator: Peter Broughan Producer/Director: Helen Scott (First Tuesday series)  

Your Cheatin’ Heart (BBC 1990)

In this six part BBC series, John Byrne, creator of Tutti Frutti, explores the country music scene with deep, dark humour in an unsentimental portrayal of Glaswegian life and culture. Producer: Peter Broughan Writer: John Byrne Director: Michael Whyte Starring: John Gordon Sinclair, Tilda Swinton, Ken Stott

Yellowbacks (BBC 1990)

Chilling drama set in the future when draconian powers have been given to the authorities under the new Secret Emergency Provisions of the Dangerous Disease Act. Dr Juliet Horwitz finds herself hooded, handcuffed and interrogated by a ruthless pair, as does a scientist Alex McPherson, both of whom are the key to finding Martin Pitt, [...]

The Justice Game 2: The Lady From Rome (BBC 1990)

Sequel to the BBC Scotland series, ‘The Justice Game’ Series Originator: Peter Broughan Writer: John Brown Starring: Denis Lawson, Barbara Flynn. Ken Hutchison, Anita Zagaria  

The Justice Game (BBC 1989)

Having made a major success of his career in America, criminal lawyer Dominic Rossi returns home to his Glasgow roots, investigating both an elderly man killed at a bus stop and defending a man accused of murder sees Rossi discovering the shady hand of big business involved, digging further he realises that Tim Forsythe is [...]

The Govan Ghost Story (BBC 1989)

Old memories are awakened in a terrifying and dangerous way when Jock McGinn counters a strange little girl in the flats where he lives. A crucial stepping-stone in the career of distinguished actor and director David Hayman. It was also a seminal work of writer Bryan Elsley who would go on to create the award-winning Skins series. [...]

Leaving (BBC 1989)

Funny and deeply moving film set in the tough port of Greenock in the summer of 1960, and centering around three close friends who are on the verge of leaving school at 15. As the boys consider the choices available to them, they are aware that decisions made now will be crucial to their future. [...]

Playing For Real (BBC 1988)

Drama series following the fortunes of Real Falkirk – a Subbuteo  team. Script Editor: Peter Broughan Writers:  Julie Welch, Daniel Boyle Director: Jim Hill

The Dunroamin’ Rising (BBC 1988)

The title refers to the Dunroaming Evening Tide Nursing Home where former revolutionary leader Ian Sinclair is now an 88-year-old resident. In protest at the proposed closure of the home, the old socialist firebrand embarks upon a hunger strike that ends up having wide-range repercussions. Script Editor: Peter Broughan Writer: Colin MacDonald Director: Moira Armstrong Starring: [...]

Tutti Frutti (BBC 1987)

The legendary six-part BBC Scotland drama following rock-n’-rollers The Majestics, who, on the eve of their 1986 ”Silver Jubilee” tour find themselves in trouble when their lead singer, Big Jazza McGlone, is killed in a car crash. Script Editor: Peter Broughan Writer: John Byrne Director: Tony Smith Starring: Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson * Winner of 6 BAFTA [...]

Only A Game – The Story of Scottish Football (BBC 1986)

The first social history of football on UK television. Originator: Peter Broughan Part 1 – “The Player”  1/5 - 2/5 - 3/5 - 4/5 -


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    4 May 2013

    15th – 26th May 2013. Peter Broughan will be attending the Cannes Film Festival & Market again this year, setting up financing for the company’s latest projects. Industry colleagues who wish [...]

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    A good Berlin… “If you come to Berlin in the winter you stay for a week. If you come in the summer you stay forever”.