If You Go Down To The Woods Today

The unbelievably true story of the Rendlesham Forest Incidents!

…is set against the Rendlesham Forest Incidents in rural England in 1980, which now rank alongside the alleged Roswell crash in 1947 as the most significant UFO happenings of all time.

Over a three-day period at Christmas in 1980 in rural Suffolk there was a spectacular series of multi-witnessed sightings – and indeed landings – of what many of the observers believed to be alien craft.

The film is the true story of the two local women, Brenda Butler and Dot Street, who were among the first to hear about the Incidents and who then set out to investigate them and reveal them to the world.

The events took place in and around the forest adjoining and separating the vast, twin airforce bases of Bentwaters/Woodbridge which at the height of the Cold War were leased to the US Air Force.

With the collusion of the UK Government the bases secretly and illegally housed an arsenal of 500 tactical nuclear warheads, entirely undeclared to the British public and in violation of the existing nuclear treaties.

The adversary of the women in their crusade was Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, who was conflicted about his professional duty to keep a lid on events which he himself had actually experienced personally at close quarters.

The “secret” memo he wrote about the events eventually became the smoking gun that provided official military confirmation of the reality of the happenings…